Altered Book(object) & Bliss Assignment

For the Altered book assignment, there were three parts (all parts answered below). All three parts relate to the assignment of changing the object into something positive. My answers to the questions from the assignment are below:

1) Video on Transformation

A. The idea of combining technology with the human body is an interesting concept but I wouldn’t know how to go about doing something like what was shown in the video. It was interesting but a bit strange to me.

B. I don’t know if I would want to a project with my body. Though if it was a virtual game that has to take motion from a player moving about in the space that would be interesting.

2) Perusing fellow student’s blogs

A. After looking at a few of the other blogs, I noticed that most people had questions that related to turning their objects into tiny pieces of some kind or other.

B. The other blogs are similar to mine in that their want to cut/break up their item into tiny little pieces but that’s about all though there were some interesting ideas in the posts.

C. A couple that stood out to me from the other’s posts was 1) Changing a bottle in some jewelry, 2) Make their own form of currency, and 3) cutting holes in it to hold photos. They were interesting ideas because it is something I hadn’t thought of doing to change a book/object.

D. The purpose of looking at other’s blog posts is to help spark creative ideas. It helps give new ideas and show different ways to do things.

3) Changing

A. I am going to change the bad reviews into good reviews to help me move past these reviews and know that people actually do like my comic strip and I shouldn’t really care. To do this, I am going to take words from the bad reviews and re-arrange the words to create a good review.

B. The reviews will help me change to not care as much about what reviews say and that what ever I do is good to me and I shouldn’t let it control me.

Since we have to document what we did to our object, I have attached the reviews in their original state, shown below:

Bad Review 1

After reading this book, my eyebrows were raised. I first discovered Puner vs Snow when I was linked to their puerile Youtube video regarding an alleged presidential campaign for Puner/Snow. It’s very clear that they know nothing about the presidential campaign, when they should be supporting Ron Paul and the gold standard. It’s a shame that he dropped out of the campaign, and so Mitt is my man. Let alone that the voice on said video is another direct facsimile of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpson’s.

I digress…

Their “comic strip” is yet another in a long line of xkcd-style derivative fluff pieces. Their use of non sequitur is a feeble attempt to channel Pokey the Penguin: […]. Frankly, it is not worth your time, dear reader. Hie you to Wondermark, Bob the Angry Flower, or any other quality web comic, before the slightest thought enters your charming head urging you to do yourself harm by reading this drivel.

I would wish their endeavor to fail, however it would imply that this is something worth reading.

Good day. I said, good day!

Bad Review 2

SINCE a another overview is explained, this copy of Pokey the penguin! This has been found oneself! See wikipedia for proof of their deciepts and summary offence! This so-called ‘ stripping tale ‘ is short on laugh and art has been honestly said repulsive. I cannot penetrate the depths of depravity which are required to cause that this monstrous figure it is confessed as Puner. The manners count in which this so-called product offends man mensdom:, let me

1. Puner. What is Puner? I doubt highest this real am and honestly said it of scatological references smacks one’s lips. Perhaps the inventor does not have the notorious anal stage of Freudian development to leave.

2. There are two snow men respectively mentioned Snow and Snowy. How tend thought thought the inventors of this and avoid confusing their public?

3. This book is ” debut strips, ” but it has not been published nevertheless to my knowledge this funnily in only newspaper of any nature. WHO this mysterious aerator basis is? The government? Zionists? Aliens? I put here only ask.


And the review I made using only the words in the bad reviews and re-arranging them to create the review below:

Good Review

When I first read Puner vs. Snow, I discovered that this something worth reading. Dear reader, you should support their quality web comic. Their web comic and this book are very clear and is another gold comic. Their use of non sequitur is very charming, it would imply that this is something worth reading. The inventors of this quality web comic should not end their endeavor but should let their public laugh and know that this is a very funny comic.

Bliss Assignment

We don’t really have to post anything about the bliss assignment but I wanted to just because. For the 3 hours that we were supposed to use for the assignment, I spent it playing with LEGOs while watching TV. I always love building with LEGOs, be it with just loose bricks or kits, they are just so much fun to build with and create things. I built a LEGO kit while watching TV because it is something I can hear but don’t have to pay too close of attention to. I have always loved building with LEGOs (I wouldn’t mind working for LEGO) even when I was young, it just seemed like a perfect choice and it encourages creativity.