Slow going, but still working hard.

It has been kind of slow after we (my parents, brother, and I) got back from our trip to Atlantic City. It was a nice relaxation from the normal routine that we do around the house. We got to see the boardwalk, play some slots in the casinos, and enjoy the great weather.

Sadly, I didn’t get around to writing the game reviews but I plan on doing that soon. I have a couple new games and some old games I’m going to review. Hopefully they will be helpful to everybody and give advice to those who are interested in learning about the games.

I have been keeping up on the comic strip and they are getting better, the puns are still around but more spread out now, I hope. We should be getting a new calendar made soon so be on the look out for that, also we are working on new t-shirts and other merchandise so hopefully we will have those done soon too.

I am also on the hunt for a job, I hope to find one. I’m going to stay optimistic and continue looking but If I don’t find one soon, I at least have the comic strip, my game reviews, and my 3D modeling to keep me busy.

That’s it for this entry, come back soon to see a new post and possibly some game reviews on my website.

~CG~ :^D