Flavor Assignment

The assignment that we had to do was taste something that we had never tried before, write about it, and create something based on that experience. So, what I tasted was a Caramel Brownie Master Blast milkshake from Sonic. I had never had caramel before, plus it sounded good. It was a very delicious milkshake, though became salty near the end because everything had melted and settled at the bottom. It also smelled really good and look delicious. It had whipped cream, vanilla ice cream with caramel, and small chunks of brownies in it. I would eat one again.

Now, here is a picture of something I created based on the experience I had. This a 3D model of the milkshake in all its tasty glory.

Fear Assignment – Part 3

I think the one that I responded to most was Aaron’s project of having us play with Play-Doh and not really care about what we created or how it turned out as long as it made us happy that we created it.

I think the reason I liked this one best was because I felt like I had to live up to people’s expectations about my work and make it the best I could. But since Aaron presented his project, it made not care too much (more than I did before) about what people think of my projects or creations.

This helps me even more than before because I didn’t care what people thought before this assignment but Aaron’s project just increased my thinking even more. My creations are mine and if nobody likes it, I don’t really care too much because I like it.

Fear Assignment – Part 2

No reaction, like I predicted. I’ve noticed that creating drawings doesn’t really elicit a response from people in general. I think because it makes people think about what they are seeing and may bring up memories of their own.

If I did the project again, I’d probably make it darker to give it a scarier feel and try to bring out the fear a bit more. Try to make people feel something deep inside when they looked at the picture.

Fear Assignment – Part 1

The assignment that we have for the next few weeks is our Fear assignment, we have to come up with a project that reflects the fear that we have chosen to explore. I can’t explain what my project is or what the fear is at this point because it would give it away.

One thing I do have to explain is what kind of reaction I am expecting from the project that I present in class, I am expecting either no reaction or a slight chuckle. I will explain in my next post, whenever I do my presentation in class.