Class 2 Reflection

One thing that stood out to me in class this week was the discussion time and how it affects us. It made me think about I perceive time and how it affects me and to what degree. Is it in objects, us, space? How fast is a moment? Why does it feel quick at times and really slow at others? It is an interesting thought to think about. And it does make you think, which is what the topic was supposed to do. There were other things discussed but the topic on time was the most interesting. I think I will be thinking of how I use my time more efficiently from now on.

Mr. Bumble-Egg

These are the before, during, and after pictures of the process that went into creating Mr. Bumble-Egg.
Bumble-Egg (Before) Mr. Bumble-Egg in his transition from white egg to bumble bee colored.Bumble-Egg (During 1) Mr. Bumble-Egg now has his head, wings, legs, and full color.Bumble-Egg (During 2) Mr. Bumble-Egg almost complete, just need to add the finishing touch.Bumble-Egg (During 3)Eyes! Now Mr. Bumble-Egg is fully complete.
Bumble-Egg (After)

Mr. Bumble-Egg is a pleasant little character. He has trouble flying, so he tends to stay close to the ground and near flowers. He can fly if he has to, but he generally feels no need to fly. Mr. Bumble-Egg is a laid back, happy, and cute bumble bee egg.

Class One Reflection

One of the things that stood out to me during class was the last thing that was discussed, the TED talk video. It was interesting video because of the way he discussed the endless choices that people have to make in everyday life and how getting out of your comfort zone expands creativity. At least that is how I interpreted the video. Though the whole class was had interesting topics and discussions, the video is what stood out to me the most this class.