My H-Owl-ing Experience

Last night, 7.15.11, Mom and I went outside to look at the full moon. We walked a little bit and were able to see it somewhat through the trees near us. I had noticed a bird on the ground as we were walking and didn’t think much of it at the time, until we heard it fly to a post and that’s when we got curious about the bird.

We looked at it for about a minute trying to figure out what type of bird it was; being dark it was kind of hard to see identifying features as to what the bird could be. We watched for a bit more then the bird turned his head and started looking at us, we backed up because it startled us and then we got a bit scared when it made a somewhat screeching sound.

Mom and I think it might have been a Screech Owl, but we are not entirely sure. We walked back to the house, quickly. Later, we saw it again on the same post it was on when it looked at us, I walked into our driveway to get a picture with my camera. I didn’t get the shot but I did get a bit closer than I wanted to when it flew off the post and landed about 15 feet in front of me. I slowly backed up and got back on the porch.

Mom and I waited a little bit on the porch because I wanted a picture of the moon between the trees, a bit earlier we realized that there were two owls. We lost sight of them after a while but quickly went back into the house when we heard one of them screech, which sounded like it was in our front yard. I quickly took my picture of the moon and we both promptly went inside.

It certainly was an interesting night we had. I think I’m good with that sort of an encounter for a while now.