Since it is Christmas time, an X-mas Post.

Okay, before I begin with the post, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and New Year.

Now that I have done that. On to the post:

I have been wondering for a day or two about the colors red and green.

Why are they considered Christmas colors? Did they just look pretty together and they seemed appropriate during Christmas? Did somebody just throw two darts at a color wheel and that’s what came up?

My thought kinda was for Santa Claus but he doesn’t have green on him.

Maybe it was for the christmas lights, but that has more than two colors usually.

Perhaps it was for rudolph the red nosed reindeer but he has no green either.

So I finally asked online,

The real reason is that red is for Jesus’ blood and green for everlasting life. Thank you for that answer.

That makes sense and seems logical.

But I just thought could it have also been chosen for Santa and the Elves?

Probably not.

Happy Holidays :^D