Somethings just don’t sound right.

I have two rants that I just want to put out there to the blog reading public. Man, that sounds formal… Let’s try it this way, yet again a word has made me curious. Two words actually. They are the following:

Milestone and Mile marker.

Let’s first talk about the Milestone.

First, it has two meanings. It can mean both a sign by the side of the road to mark distance and to mark an achievement.

To me, it sounds like a stone that is a mile long and should be placed with Stonehenge.

But then again, isn’t the road a stone that travels miles and miles? Hey, there’s the answer. A milestone could equal the road. So if someone says that they made a great achievement, then they would be talking about a milestone in their life and a milestone, to me, is just a stone a mile long, then that would mean that the person that had an achievement just basically built a road in front of his house. That would be a pretty good achievement.

Getting back to the other word, Mile Marker. A mile marker, as I’ve heard them called, is a sign on the side of the road marking a mile.

This seems very similar to the word milestone.

Okay, here’s a question. What is it with people using two different words and spellings to say the exact same definition?

I don’t really have an answer and it is a rhetorical question but I guess things are just meant to confuse me from time to time.