Something made me curious again.

There is a device that you can stick into your computer that can hold information but it is called two different names but mean the same thing, a Flash Drive and a Thumb Drive.

Now I may be dumb at times but my question is ‘why does it have two names that mean the same exact thing?’ They should just call it one or the other.

I call it a Flash Drive, which is appropriate because it can store video and files on it. Makes sense to me.

A Thumb Drive sounds like your either driving a car with only your thumb or that you have an external hard drive built into your thumb.

I have never understood the term Thumb Drive. Maybe because you use your thumb to push and pull it out of your computer and it is as big as your thumb.

I don’t know.

Flash drive just makes more sense to me and I grew up hearing it called a Flash Drive more.

I will probably get different answers for the term Thumb Drive but I will always think of people just using their thumbs to drive their cars.

Oh well, maybe some things are just better to be left a mystery to me.


An observation I made.

I was at school the other day and I was sitting out in the seating area they have here on campus and I noticed something, well, interesting I guess.

There was a lady who was carrying a seat for a bicycle, nothing else.

I thought for a moment and started wondering if she was searching for the other half of her bike which she seemed to have lost.

I then thought, “How do you lose the other half of your bike?”

I sat there for a few minutes and wondered if her bike had been stolen and the seat was the only thing that she could find of the missing bike.

My mom was sitting with me; she saw it too and started wondering if she forgot where her bike was too.

About ten minutes later, we see a man go walking by to an elevator with a bicycle. Mom and I looked at each other and jokingly thought, “Hey, that’s that lady’s bike!” which of course it wasn’t.

We didn’t see the lady again but I am still wondering if she is still looking for her bike that she misplaced. Or if she just threw the bike less seat into her car and drove home.

We may never know.