My curious side is getting to me.

I used to watch a show called Deal or No Deal but quit watching when it just got too boring and the people got too annoying. The thing that bugged me and my mom was that people couldn’t say the word “Deal” correctly, it would always sound like “Dill” as in a type of pickle.

The host, Howie Mandel, would say “Deal or No Deal?” and almost every contestant would say “No Deal” but what would sound like “No Dill”.

This confused me when we first started watching because I always thought that they didn’t want to eat a pickle but I now know that they just can’t say the word “Deal” correctly.

Every time I heard them say what sounded like “No Dill” I would think somedays that they should change the name of the show from “Deal or No Deal” to “Dill or No Dill”

The only problem with this thought was that winning only a pickle would be kinda silly and not a very good prize to win.

Maybe instead of changing the name, the contestants will learn how to say the word “Deal” correctly.

I could also be asking for too much out of the contestants.

I guess some things won’t change. I can still hope though.