I have returned (hopefully)

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. Corey, back to write another blog post. Sure took you long enough to do so. Everyone had been waiting to read your latest exploits and adventures.


uh… okay. Well, let’s start off with, I’m back! About time. Though I just haven’t felt like posting blog entries lately. *looks at last time he posted a blog entry* Okay, for the past two years. Ugh. I will try to be better about posting more, though I just feel like nobody really cares what I have to say or if they are even reading these posts. Oh well, I can at least write for myself.


A quick update as to what has been happening with me, went on vacation to Europe over the summer of 2016, have been drawing the comic strip and keeping that up, been trying my hand at writing a sci-fi novel but it is slow going. I have also drawn illustrations for a children’s book (which two can be seen in my portfolio), though it hasn’t gotten published yet.


So, that’s about it for now. I hope to post blog entries once a week, I’m going to try to hold myself to that, but you never know.

So until my next post, later.

~CG~ :^D

Slow going, but still working hard.

It has been kind of slow after we (my parents, brother, and I) got back from our trip to Atlantic City. It was a nice relaxation from the normal routine that we do around the house. We got to see the boardwalk, play some slots in the casinos, and enjoy the great weather.

Sadly, I didn’t get around to writing the game reviews but I plan on doing that soon. I have a couple new games and some old games I’m going to review. Hopefully they will be helpful to everybody and give advice to those who are interested in learning about the games.

I have been keeping up on the comic strip and they are getting better, the puns are still around but more spread out now, I hope. We should be getting a new calendar made soon so be on the look out for that, also we are working on new t-shirts and other merchandise so hopefully we will have those done soon too.

I am also on the hunt for a job, I hope to find one. I’m going to stay optimistic and continue looking but If I don’t find one soon, I at least have the comic strip, my game reviews, and my 3D modeling to keep me busy.

That’s it for this entry, come back soon to see a new post and possibly some game reviews on my website.

~CG~ :^D

Ah, a nice relaxing time.

Well, I feel relieved. No more stress of college and homework, projects, etc. Now I just have professional work and a job to look forward to but lately I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my time off.

I have been able to create some more comic strips for Puner vs. Snow and they should be coming up in the coming weeks so be sure to look at those. I am also hard at work creating pages for the new calendar and we are working on creating a new book. So, the comic strip is getting my full attention for the time being. Though I have been distracted by something on Tv.

That’s right, the World Cup is on and I’ve been watching almost every match that has been shown. It has been a very interesting World Cup, with a lot of goals, penalties, cards, and long matches which end in penalty kicks. There are still a few games left to be played and I hope that each one is just as exciting as the matches before them. That will really make this World Cup a wonderful one.

I’ve also starting writing a book, which isn’t based on snowmen or Puner vs. Snow in any way. I’m still working out the details of the story, characters, area, etc. so I don’t have too much to say at this point but hopefully it will turn out to be a big hit.

I’ve also been playing some new games, so there might be some new game reviews coming soon. I hope to get them up before August of this year.

Well, I think that is all the information I have for now. Maybe next time I’ll have an interesting story to talk about or some interesting news about the comic strip. Who knows, you’ll just have to come back and find out.

~CG~ :^D

Life after college (where I see myself employed)

Where do I see myself employed after my college career is over at IUPUI? I see myself being a 3D modeler, a cartoonist, or working in retail.

I’ve found 3D to be very interesting since I started taking 3D modeling class at IUPUI and decided to focus on that while I’m still in college. If I get a job as a 3D modeler, I would really enjoy it.

Even though I do enjoy 3D modeling, I am an avid artist and love to draw when I get the chance or inspiration. With this love for drawing, I was able to make my dream job come true, being a cartoonist. I have even started my own comic strip (with the help of my brother, mom, and dad) called Puner vs. Snow at www.punervssnow.com.

~CG~ :^D

My Time at College…

One of the biggest challenges I had at IUPUI was trying to find the right major for me. Before I started attending college at IUPUI, I thought I knew what I wanted to major in and was looking forward to starting college. However, what I didn’t expect was that I would change my mind on the very first day of college during the orientation meeting.

When I got to the orientation meeting, I was set on majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. I was sure that this was the major I would be doing, but when I got to registration for classes, I realized that there were quite a couple math classes that I didn’t want to take. The major also wasn’t what I was looking for, so I switched majors to be a Fine Arts student and go to Herron School of Art.

I was at the Herron School of Art for about a year and a half to two years. I was happy learning the different art techniques and the different styles of art, but I got to the point where they weren’t teaching me anything that I didn’t already know and I got bored. So, I decided to switch majors again, this time to American Sign Language (ASL).

ASL was a good experience for me since it taught me a new language, about a different culture, and how to interact with deaf people. I was happy and enjoying what I was learning but I started getting bored with the program and decided to change my major again.

I had thought about a major in Geography and thought it might be a good idea to take a class to see if it would be a good major. It turned out that I enjoyed the subject but wasn’t the major for me. I then decided to follow some advice a friend gave me and check out the Media Arts and Science major.

I was very impressed with the selection of classes the major had that were similar to my interests. This major has turned out to be just what I was looking for in the beginning, I have had some of the best classes. This is the major I should have been started out with but IUPUI thought I should have been a Herron student.

No matter how I found the right major for me, it was a worth while experience and I learned more than I had thought I would by changing my major so many times. Though I think this is the last time I will changing majors and I’m at the Media Arts and Science major to stay.


My H-Owl-ing Experience

Last night, 7.15.11, Mom and I went outside to look at the full moon. We walked a little bit and were able to see it somewhat through the trees near us. I had noticed a bird on the ground as we were walking and didn’t think much of it at the time, until we heard it fly to a post and that’s when we got curious about the bird.

We looked at it for about a minute trying to figure out what type of bird it was; being dark it was kind of hard to see identifying features as to what the bird could be. We watched for a bit more then the bird turned his head and started looking at us, we backed up because it startled us and then we got a bit scared when it made a somewhat screeching sound.

Mom and I think it might have been a Screech Owl, but we are not entirely sure. We walked back to the house, quickly. Later, we saw it again on the same post it was on when it looked at us, I walked into our driveway to get a picture with my camera. I didn’t get the shot but I did get a bit closer than I wanted to when it flew off the post and landed about 15 feet in front of me. I slowly backed up and got back on the porch.

Mom and I waited a little bit on the porch because I wanted a picture of the moon between the trees, a bit earlier we realized that there were two owls. We lost sight of them after a while but quickly went back into the house when we heard one of them screech, which sounded like it was in our front yard. I quickly took my picture of the moon and we both promptly went inside.

It certainly was an interesting night we had. I think I’m good with that sort of an encounter for a while now.


Apparently I have been away for a while.

I just looked and the last time I had posted something here was around Christmas last year. That seems like a bit of a long time. So, I am posting this to catch all you blog readers up on what I have been doing lately.

First off, I am officially on Summer Break from College life and hopefully it will allow me to post more things here and keep the funny stuff and blog entries coming. I am currently relaxing from school and don’t want the break to end. Speaking of school, I am getting a bit confused as to what I am actually doing there because I have changed it once again. Now, I have to stay for three more years(yuck) to get my degree, hope that time goes quickly. :^D

Second, my family and I recently went to the Indy 500 for most of the events happening there such as Practice, Pole Day, Bump Day, Fast Friday, and the Indy 500 Race Day, to name a few. This year was the Centennial for the Indy 500, it has been 100 years since the first running of the Indy 500 and I was there to see it in person! Couldn’t have asked for a better time to go to my first Indy 500 Race Day. I have seen it on TV all the time, but never had the money to go. The whole experience of the event was amazing and incredible, I had the best time!

Third, I have been able to get ahead and draw some more comics for the upcoming weeks, still got some more ideas to get on paper. I love drawing the strip and I hope to for a long time, I just wish I could get the energy and motivation at times to draw and produce them faster so you can enjoy them. Oh well, I guess I’m doing fine for now. I have time before next semester to get them drawn up and get prepared for when I am unable to get many done. I am hope some day to make a small book or a medium sized book and sell it everywhere.

Finally, I have recently started playing the old Super Mario 64 on the Wii console, downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. I am doing pretty well, I have 80 power stars and I have just reached the third level of the castle. I have the ability to battle Bowser for the third and final time, but I am going to go to each stage and get the stars first then go and battle him just to see if I can get all the stars in the first run through.

Well, that’s all for now. Gotta get back to playing and drawing. Glad to have caught you all back up on what I have been doing these past few months. Hope to post again soon and not in another 4 months.

Remember to check out Puner Vs. Snow every monday, also like us on Facebook!

~CG~ :^D

Time Flies By.

Well, Christmas time was here and now is gone. Soon, New Year’s Eve will be upon us and that means the Christmas break from school will be over soon too.

Time has just flown by this past year and everything just seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.

It’s like somebody is setting the clocks and the sun forward so the days go by really quick anymore. I haven’t had much time to play with the new things I got from Christmas.


I just read this entire post and it seems to be bit of gripping that the days seem to be getting shorter and just fly by anymore. That’s what it is exactly.

Maybe I should just stop gripping and just enjoy the time I have in this world. So the days seem to fly by, but maybe something good is going to happen next year and time knows about it.

Maybe I’ll be a millionaire next year, or a successful cartoonist, etc. What ever the reason for the speeding up of time, I hope it turns out to be a good year next year. Otherwise, I won’t be that happy when I get to this same point next December.

Well, maybe I will be happy because of the Christmas spirit but you never know.

Happy New Year everybody! Hope next year is a great one! See you in 2011.

~CG~ :^D

Since it is Christmas time, an X-mas Post.

Okay, before I begin with the post, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and New Year.

Now that I have done that. On to the post:

I have been wondering for a day or two about the colors red and green.

Why are they considered Christmas colors? Did they just look pretty together and they seemed appropriate during Christmas? Did somebody just throw two darts at a color wheel and that’s what came up?

My thought kinda was for Santa Claus but he doesn’t have green on him.

Maybe it was for the christmas lights, but that has more than two colors usually.

Perhaps it was for rudolph the red nosed reindeer but he has no green either.

So I finally asked online, ask.com.

The real reason is that red is for Jesus’ blood and green for everlasting life. Thank you Ask.com for that answer.

That makes sense and seems logical.

But I just thought could it have also been chosen for Santa and the Elves?

Probably not.

Happy Holidays :^D

Somethings just don’t sound right.

I have two rants that I just want to put out there to the blog reading public. Man, that sounds formal… Let’s try it this way, yet again a word has made me curious. Two words actually. They are the following:

Milestone and Mile marker.

Let’s first talk about the Milestone.

First, it has two meanings. It can mean both a sign by the side of the road to mark distance and to mark an achievement.

To me, it sounds like a stone that is a mile long and should be placed with Stonehenge.

But then again, isn’t the road a stone that travels miles and miles? Hey, there’s the answer. A milestone could equal the road. So if someone says that they made a great achievement, then they would be talking about a milestone in their life and a milestone, to me, is just a stone a mile long, then that would mean that the person that had an achievement just basically built a road in front of his house. That would be a pretty good achievement.

Getting back to the other word, Mile Marker. A mile marker, as I’ve heard them called, is a sign on the side of the road marking a mile.

This seems very similar to the word milestone.

Okay, here’s a question. What is it with people using two different words and spellings to say the exact same definition?

I don’t really have an answer and it is a rhetorical question but I guess things are just meant to confuse me from time to time.