About Me

Hello, my name is Corey Gottfried. I am the cartoonist for the comic strip Puner Vs. Snow. Welcome to my own personal website.

On this website, I will post the best highest scores I can achieve on some of the old video games and on some of the newest games that allow high scores. I will also post Mario Kart Time Trial times, old games and new.

Also, I will review different games and write a review for that game, I will post the review of the game after I have played the game to the end and have completed the game.

There is also an area to view the artwork I have done, pictures will be posted the day I draw them or a day or two after the date of drawing.

I also have a blog that I will post on periodically about different things, rantings, or just everyday stuff. I try to post as often as I can but sometimes forget.

Of course, there is this About Me page, which will be updated as I see fit but may not be updated that often.

I have a facebook page where I post links to this website and blog so other people can read it. I post about updates on the blog and website there after it has been posted.

One more thing before I finish, there is a contact me page. If just feel the need to contact me about the website, the blog, or the comic strip for problems send me an e-mail. I'll respond to it as soon as I can.

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